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Woodward Research Group @ the CNL

Latest News

New Chiral Ligand

In collaboration with Prof Hon Wei Lam (also of the CNL) we have developed a low-cost synthesis of a pair of pseudoenantiomeric chiral diene ligands that allow all types of rhodium-catalysed asymmetric conjugate additions to be carried out at high efficiency.

Groups Worldwide are currently helping us validate the use of these new highly useful chiral ligands

For further details see: 'A Scalable Synthesis of Chiral Himbert Diene Ligands for Asymmetric Catalysis' (doi link), or contact us directly.

Macrocycle in tube.jpg

Synthesis and Discovery

We are a multi-disciplinary group - with a focus on catalysis, materials and understanding

Organic Chemistry

The facilities of the CNL and our group technical expertise centre on synthesis of all types of organic and metal-organic molecules


We use physical organic chemistry and machine learning in our research and collaborate extensively


We are attracted to new methods and approaches for solving materials, energy and biological problems

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