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Current Research & Opportunities

Our present research focusses on areas impacting basic science, 

organic electronics/energy applications and human health

Extended Aromatic Systems


Efficient organic electronic applications require delocalised systems that can be both oxidised and reduced to provide (semi)conductors able to replace existing inorganic species. We work on acenes and related species for applications in thermoelectric and other devices. Additionally, we target these molecules for their intrinsic beauty.

Further reading: doi1, doi2

Mechanistic Understanding


Understanding, at a fundamental level, how molecular fragments combine and at what rate is often the key to designing fast efficient and sustainable processes. We undertake simple kinetic studies to understand new reactions and effects. These are supported by collaborations with theoretical chemists and increasingly, computer scientists working in the area of machine learning.

Further reading: doi1, doi2

New Biological Activation Modes


Serendipitously we became interested in the anti-cancer activity of titanium complexes. These are easy to prepare but show complex biology (which we collaborate with pharmacists on). Originally assumed just to be 'toxic agents', they are actually involved in exquisite cell cycle control mechanisms (that cancer cell cannot become resistant to). If harnessed this would offer new therapeutic interest.

Further reading: doi1, doi2


Working @ the CNL

Laboratory: The unique Carbon Neutral Laboratory (CNL) at Nottingham is the only net carbon neutral chemical research facility on the planet. Its contemporary facilities and our group's technical expertise allow the synthesis and characterisation of all types of organic and metal-organic molecules.

Postdocs: If we have a PDRA position available, we always advertise it at We can act as a host for exceptional candidates looking to secure their own funding through an independent Fellowship application, if a suitable synergy can be found.

Studentships: Students of UK national or equivalent status can be supported through our CDT site, or an equivalent studentship. Non-UK nationals are not well supported by these current UK funding system arrangements unfortunately. However, we can also act as a host for exceptional students looking to secure their own PhD funding through an independent scheme, if a suitable synergy can be found.

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