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Prof Simon Woodward



After a PhD, a Fulbright Fellowship and a postdoc at Oxford I became a lecturer in organometallic chemistry at the University of Hull. I then moved to the University of Nottingham, where I am currently one of the professors of organic chemistry.

Simon's Ethos

I love to make any molecule that has high potential benefits for humanity, especially if it involves any new 'smart trick'. I am passionate about researchers having good experimental skills - and like to come to the lab to demonstrate/teach those....!

Group photo April 2022.jpg


I like to work with people who are interested in generating fundamentally new science. This includes: Mustapa Musa's new mechanism of action anti-cancer agents; Matteo Molteni  and Jess Streets working on synthesis with 'cold plasma' and a sustainable route to new lubricants respectively; Zhongnan Duan on organic (semi)conductors and thermoelectrics; Beth Mulholland-Prescott on new feedstocks for sustainable chemistry; and Eduardo Aguilar Bejarano on machine learning applications in catalyst design.  The latter is a collaboration with the AI Theme Nottingham's School of Computer Science.

I am also one of the co-directors of the Nottingham doctoral training centre in Sustainable Chemistry and have links to the cohort research themes associated with new thermoelectrics and organic (redox active) materials.

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